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Alumnae Initiation

DWC/CAB Summit - Chicago 2011
Alumnae Initiate Brochure

Since 1898, Sigma Sigma Sigma has provided women with friendship, a sense of purpose, commitment to values and much more. Sigma Sigma Sigma’s mission is threefold: To establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly character, and to impress upon them high standards of conduct. Our core values are simple and essential: wisdom, power, faith, hope and love. 

The Alumna Initiate program invites women of character to join our national sisterhood who believe in the mission and values of Sigma Sigma Sigma. The invitation extends well beyond the traditional environment of the college campus and offers the opportunity for membership to women of various ages and situations. The friendship, sisterhood, and support of Sigma Sigma Sigma is truly a lifetime experience, no matter when you join the bonds of sisterhood. A member who is initiated as an alumna has all of the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a member who is initiated as a collegian.


Potential Alumnae Initiates:

·        Campus administrators, faculty, and staff members

·         Friends and relatives of Tri Sigma members

·         Personal mentors

·         Community leaders, volunteers, and noteworthy citizens

·         Former collegians who were pledged into a Tri Sigma collegiate chapter, but were not initiated

·         Women interested in a social, service, and/or mentorship experience

·         Women who have given their time and talents to a Tri Sigma collegiate or alumnae chapter


Advantages of Becoming a Member of Sigma Sigma Sigma:

·         Networking – Interaction and support from a national network of women.

·         Social Engagement – The enjoyment and support of the Tri Sigma sisterhood.

·         Alumnae Chapter Membership – Social engagement and service learning opportunities through membership in an alumnae chapter.

·         Mentorship – An opportunity to serve as a mentor to collegiate women through a Chapter Advisory Board or Housing Corporation.

·         National Volunteer – An opportunity to utilize your time and talents as a national volunteer through ongoing committee work, special projects, and/or advisory roles.

·         Professional Development – Leadership and skill development opportunities at National Convention, Regional Conferences, the CAB and Volunteer Summit, and other alumnae resources and programs.

·         The Triangle Magazine – subscription to the Sorority’s magazine, when annual dues are paid.

·         Sigma Connect – Lifetime access to the members-only social networking site and resource database.

·         Service and Philanthropy – An opportunity to participate in service learning projects in the local community and to support Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation projects.

·         Scholarships/Grants – An opportunity to receive scholarships for continued education and grants for local hospitals in your community.

·         Civic Involvement – An opportunity to participate in congressional lobbying in Washington, DC.

·         National Panhellenic Conference – Recognized membership in a National Panhellenic Conference Sorority and an opportunity to serve on the local Alumnae Panhellenic.

·         Endless Possibilities – As the Sorority moves “ever forward”, the opportunities available as a Tri Sigma member grow greater each year.


Qualifications for Alumna Initiation:

·         Candidate must have an interest in Sigma Sigma Sigma and recognizes the value of membership.

·         Candidate may not be a member of another National Panhellenic Conference sorority (May be a member of a local, honorary or service sorority).

·         Endorsement by two members of Tri Sigma (collegian, alumna, advisor, national officer, etc).

·         Agreement by collegiate chapter or alumnae chapter that will initiate the candidate.

·         Candidate must be ineligible for collegiate membership.

·         She has the ability to contribute her own special talents.  Her interests may lie in the social aspects of the alumnae chapter activities or in their philanthropic projects.  She may be an ideal CAB or Housing Corporation member for a collegiate chapter or colony.

·         She will make time for Sigma (after personal and professional obligations).

Once these criteria have been met, Alumnae Initiate candidates will receive Arc Degree, entering the New Member phase of the Sorority. Before initiation, women must pass an open-book test on essential Tri Sigma knowledge.  

Women are then initiated in one of two ways: by members at a nearby Collegiate Chapter or by an Alumnae Chapter. After initiation, new Tri Sigma alumnae may wear the Sorority’s badge.


Financial Obligations:

·         Prior to initiation candidates pay a $60 Loyalty Fee. The fee includes:

1.       Essential Sigma , member education manual

2.       Membership Certificate

3.       The Triangle , sorority magazine subscription based upon paying annual alumnae dues of $45.00 beginning the year after initiation

4.       Full payment to the Loyalty Fund – used for the financial stability of the Sorority and for chapter housing investments)

5.       The History Book of Sigma Sigma Sigma

·         Initiates must also purchase the official badge of the Sorority

·         Alumnae dues, $45 paid annually


After Initiation:

Alumnae are encouraged to remain actively engaged with Tri Sigma through the variety of opportunities including Alumnae Chapter life, serving as a Chapter Advisory Board member or national volunteer, and/or participating in the programs and resources offered for alumnae members. Alumnae are expected to pay either annual national alumnae dues of $45 in the year after initiation or Lifetime Dues, as well as any local dues as determined by individual Alumnae Chapters. Alumnae support the Bylaws and National Policies of the Sorority and they should keep their contact information current with National Headquarters.

 For further information regarding Alumna Initiation, please contact Sigma Sigma Sigma National Headquarters at (540) 459-4212 or


Recommendation of an Alumnae Initiate candidate:

To nominate a woman for Alumnae Initiation, please submit a completed Recommendation for Alumnae Initiation Form (AR-4) and Membership Record Card (M-476) for the Alumnae Initiate candidate to National Headquarters:


Fax: (540) 459-2361                                        

Mailing Address: Sigma Sigma Sigma

225 N. Muhlenberg Street

Woodstock, VA 22664

Chartering a New Alumnae Chapter

Charter members

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!  While Sigma Sigma Sigma alumnae chapters are located in most major metropolitan areas across the United States, new chapters in areas where none are located are always welcomed. There are many benefits of alumnae chapter membership. Alumnae chapters have the opportunity to operate and function much as the members wish, with very few stipulations. Requirements and obligations of members are much less than that of collegiate chapter membership. Opportunities for sisterhood activities, local service projects, social events and long-term friendships are just some of the things belonging to an alumnae chapter can provide. Sigma sisters of all ages and collegiate affiliations are welcome to belong to any alumnae chapter.

Career networking, providing  CAB help to a nearby collegiate chapter, offering membership in Sigma through the Alumnae Initiation process: these are even more things that make our alumnae chapters an important part of our national sisterhood. Are you ready and interested in pursuing the  simple steps to start a new alumnae chapter for Sigma Sigma Sigma?

1.     Contact National Headquarters. The staff, through the Alumnae Membership Coordinator, will alert the Alumnae Department, who will determine if enough alumnae reside in your area to support a chapter. Once the determination is made that sufficient numbers of alumnae reside in your area, the Alumnae Coordinator for your state will work directly with you in the process of chartering a new chapter.

2.     The Alumnae Coordinator will assist you in planning an interest meeting for area alumnae. A geographical listing of all alumnae will be provided for you, and National Headquarters will generate the first mailing for the interest meeting. You may also want to use the E-mail addresses that are on file as well to contact people that way.

3.     Submit a petition. If the alumnae in the area wish to petition Executive Council to become an official alumnae chapter, National Headquarters will provide a petition for these alumnae who wish to be part of the new chapter. A minimum of 10 women is required to sign this petition; they should have paid their annual alumnae dues, and they should all live in the area where the chapter will be formed.

After the petition is submitted to National Headquarters, Executive Council accepts the petition, and an Alumnae Department National Officer will plan a visit with the new chapter to officially present the charter and conduct the new chapter workshop. From that point on, the chapter will rely on the guidance and support of the National Organization through the Alumnae Coordinator, who will assist the new chapter in recruitment and program  development.

The new chapter is then on its way to building a support system of sisterhood for all Sigma alumnae residing in the area.

If this sounds interesting to you, contact National Headquarters !
For a current listing of alumnae chapters
click here .