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The New Member Experience

Since the founding of the first sorority in 1851, these organizations have thrived and multiplied into hundreds of international organizations while making a positive and tremendous impact on the service and social structure of higher education systems. Sororities form a proven support network to help young women with the daunting transition from high school to university. The lifelong friendships your daughter will make through her sorority will last into post-graduation years.

As a family member, you will have many questions concerning your daughter's involvement in Tri Sigma. Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your daughter throughout the recruitment process. Once a member, there are many opportunities for you to share in this aspect of her college life. Almost all of the chapters on campus host events such as family weekend or special mother/father functions. Chapters recognize that when your student comes to college, you, as a parent, also become a part of the university family! Ask questions and get involved!

Tri Sigma strives to be a sorority dedicated to friendship, character, and conduct. In our Mission Statement, there are three basic tenets for our existence as a Sisterhood. They influence every facet of our lives. One of the tenets is, "Promotes a perpetual bond of friendship."

We share this information with you as a tool to help gauge your daughter’s learning and experience in the sorority. 

New Member Program - Arc Sequence of Essential Sigma

A woman is considered a new member after going through the first of three ritual ceremonies, called Arc Degree.  During Arc Degree, the date of initiation is announced. The new member program culminates with the second ritual ceremony, or Triangle Degree. Your daughter will be considered a fully initiated and active member of Sigma Sigma Sigma upon completion of this ceremony.    As Tri Sigma history dictates, she will be expected to wear white for all ceremonial meetings. 


The ideal new member program is 6-8 weeks; however, it shall not exceed 8 weeks.  During those weeks, new members will be guided througha scripted program, Essential Sigma, by the Vice President.  The program is designed to educate them on history and operations and begin to develop their leadership skills.  They will also have responsibilities which mirror those of the initiated members.  This can include study hours, participation requirements, dues, having leadership positions and upholding the standards of the Sorority.  Maintaining these responsibilities will ensure your daughter is on track to be initiated.   


Essential Sigma: Arc Sequence

The Essential Sigma program is cutting edge in the fraternal world and we hope that your daughter enjoys the experience. The purpose of the Essential Sigma program is to provide membership education throughout a member’s collegiate experience, from accepting their bid to graduation.   The Arc Sequence portion of Essential Sigma is designed for new members and combines online and face to face meetings, or Arc Sequence Meetings.  The Arc Sequence is broken into nine online sessions. 

Session 1 Our Sisterhood Begins… 

Session 2 Your Pledge is Your Promise 

Session 3 Together we Inspire Greatness 

Session 4 Academic Success - Foundations for the Future 

Session 5 We are our Sisters’ Keepers 

Session 6 Sigma Jeopardy 

Session 7 Partnerships in Services (plus National Test)

Session 8 Sigma Sigma Sigma is yours for Life 

Session 9 Post Initiation Meeting   


Online components include:

  • Fact sheets which provide guidance and a focus for which Sigma education can begin.  The fact sheets are an instrument for which our members can learn from, and also review.  Fact sheets are not quizzes, and should not be used as such.  The only test which is completed is the National Test.
  • Contemplation Questions: Sigma Contemplation are a series of questions designed to stimulate your daughter’s thought process – “tickle your brain” – to help connect the sorority experience to everyday life.  There are no right answers; it is an reflection  on their own experience. 
  • Training Modules: there are 3-4 modules for each session and the material ranges in information about history to National programming.  The modules supplement what is being taught in the weekly Arc Sequence meetings. Arc Sequence weekly meetings
  •  Arc Group Leaders: these are members of the chapter selected to assist in the new member program.  They host small new member group sessions as outlined in the Arc Sequence facilitator guides. The number of leaders varies depending on the size of new member group; however, ideally they have been trained and prepared to assist new members through their first few weeks as a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma.